C++ Program to Compare Two Strings without using strcmp

By | 26.12.2016

Compare Two Strings without using strcmp

Write a C++ Program to Compare Two Strings without using strcmp. Here’s simple C++ Program to Compare Two Strings without using library function in C++ Programming Language.

C++ Strings : 

String is a sequence of characters. char data type is used to represent one single character in C++. So if you want to use a string in your program then you can use an array of characters.

The declaration and definition of the string using an array of chars is similar to declaration and definition of an array of any other data type.

Any string ends with a terminating null character ‘\0’. An array definition in such a way should include null character ‘\0’ as the last element.

C++ provides following two types of string representations:

  • The C-style character string.
  • The string class type introduced with Standard C++.

The C-style character string originated within the C language and continues to be supported within C++. This string is actually a one-dimensional array of characters which is terminated by a null character ‘\0’. Thus a null-terminated string contains the characters that comprise the string followed by a null.

Here is source code of theC++ Program to Compare Two Strings without using strcmp. The C++ program is successfully compiled and run(on Codeblocks) on a Windows system. The program output is also shown in below.


/*  C++ Program to Compare Two Strings without using strcmp  */

using namespace std;

int main()
     char str1[50],str2[50],i=0,j=0,flag=0;

     cout<<"\nEnter first string :: ";

     cout<<"\nEnter Second string :: ";

        cout<<"\nStrings are not equal.\n";
        cout<<"\nStrings are equal.\n";

      return 0;


/*  C++ Program to Compare Two Strings without using strcmp  */

Enter first string :: CODEZCLUB

Enter Second string :: codezclub

Strings are not equal.

Process returned 0

Above is the source code for C++ Program to Compare Two Strings without using strcmp which is successfully compiled and run on Windows System.The Output of the program is shown above .

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Gary Holveck

Neither “gets(str1)” nor “fgets()” works. Reverted to cin>>str1.


bro,, it is just checking for the length of a string
for eg. input: drake
: darke
it is showing same

Gary Holveck

Yep. Found it. i m a newbie.

Gary Holveck

Entering these strings: “Holveck” and “Johnson” and this program pronounces them equal???? The implications are obvious.