How to share internet from mobile to PC without hotspot?

By | 31.03.2022

In Android, we have various ways to share our data connection through the system settings themselves. However, there is another possibility that not everyone knows about. We are talking about “How to share internet from mobile to PC without hotspot?”

How to share internet from mobile to PC without hotspot?

Without a hotspot, you can use Bluetooth to share the internet from mobile to PC.

There is nothing more beautiful in this life than sharing, especially when it comes to the Internet connection. As we have mentioned before, there are several ways to do it on Android. Although this depends on the device and the customization layer. This time we will teach you how to do it through one of the oldest wireless technologies: Bluetooth

Sharing the Internet connection via Bluetooth…

To do this, we will only have to go to the Android Settings application and click on the More section. Next, we will click on Share the Internet and WiFi zone and Share via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth of our smartphone will automatically be activated.

Now we only need to configure the device that we are going to connect to the Internet, which must be previously synchronized with the parent device, that is, the smartphone or tablet that provides the Internet to the others.

Share Internet to PC / Computers

The task on a computer is as simple as doing it on a smartphone or tablet, although this depends on its operating system. In the case of Mac, and after having previously linked the devices (you will have to make sure that the computer has Bluetooth).

We will go to the Bluetooth section within System Preferences and right-click on the device in question to press the option Connect to the network, after activating the Bluetooth Sharing section on Android.

On Windows, the process is somewhat more complex. After having synchronized both devices using the Windows Bluetooth utility, we will go to the Network Connections section in the Control Panel with Bluetooth connected.

Next, we will click on the Bluetooth network connection and select the linked Android device. We will right-click on it and we will give an Access point within Connect using. We will already have Internet on our Windows computer.

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