What is USB tethering?

By | 02.04.2022

Without wasting time we will go straight to the main point. So now we know “What is USB tethering?” So let’s find out. We hope you enjoy the article to read.

What is USB tethering?

USB Tethering is a system that offers the possibility to share the active Internet connection on mobile devices (such as mobile phones, both Android and Windows) with other devices that support it (such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and notebooks). In other words, the latter to browse the internet can use the connection of the device used as a gateway.

Tethering meaning? The term “tethering” translates as “chaining” and refers to the use of a smartphone as a gateway, or as an access point to the internet for other devices that do not have an autonomous connection.

How does USB tethering work?

It is an alternative to ADSL and is ideal for those who cannot use a fixed-line but need a convenient, quick and easy to activate connection system. Unlike other systems, such as Fiber Optic and ADSL, the connection via USB tethering does not require a router, because the smartphone takes its place.

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How to tether? The device that offers the internet connection via tethering is configured as a real “ access point ”, ie as a portable router.

Advantages of USB tethering

The advantages of tethering are many:

  • allows fast, quick and easy sharing
  • the device that uses the connection can take advantage of the maximum speed offered by the device that is configured as a router

Disadvantages of USB tethering

The disadvantages of USB tethering are far fewer than the advantages:

  • the device offering the connection consumes a little more battery than normal use.
  • if you do not use a password, the device that is configured as a router risks security.

Set up USB tethering, here’s how!

Here’s how to set up tethering with different operating systems:

  • Android Tethering: Go to Settings – Other – Tethering & Portable Hotspot, enter your device name and password
  • Windows tethering: go to Settings – Internet Sharing, enable and then choose your name and password
  • iPhone tethering: go to Setting – Personal Hotspot, activate the function and indicate the password and phone number.

USB Tethering is certainly an excellent way to have an internet connection always available and just a click away!

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