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Define a class Student. Inherit it into engineering, arts, commerce, and science students. Inherit engineering student into computer science, electronics and communication, and information technology student. Provide constructors for all the classes. Now define a virtual function display() for displaying the details for all classes in their respective classes using the same base class pointer (a pointer to student). Now, use the virtual function to access the electronics and communication object. It can be seen that without any pointer casting, the base class pointer can access the derived class object using virtual function

A Raghavendra Reddy

anyone please tell the answer for this question

Dangare Akash Mahesh

don’t put your assignment questions here bro…..Do it on your own !

Thank you ,God Bless you!!!

Abdul moiz

collection of positive integers that are entered by the user from the keyboard.your program shuold prompt the user to enter each integer followed by the return key,and to enter “-1″at the end of the list of integers to be added.Note that there is no need to store list of integers:you can keep track of the sum as the user is entering the values.
Modify your code so that the code terminates if the sum of integers entered upto that point exceeds 100.
(C++ language)


Create a base class called user to represent a user in an application. Include data members name (string) and password (string) in class user. Derive two classes from user to represent two different kinds of user : admin and normal user. Class admin needs a new data member to store phone number (integer) of administrator. Include a member function called authenticate() in class user. Keep this function pure virtual in base class but override it to perform specific authentication procedure for both derived classes. Define appropriate constructors in all these classes to initialize data members of created objects such that… Read more »


void main()


int i = 2, j = 1, x;

X = ++i + ++j – –j – –i;

printf(“x=%d i=%d j = %d”, x, i, j);


I need output of the Program.
In Turbo its different but online compiler its different.


You are required to write a C++ program using Classes or Structs to fulfil one of the client briefs listed below. You only need to write a program for one of the client briefs, the choice is up to you. Client Brief 1: BMI Calculator A local health clinic wants a simple to use application that can keep track of multiple patients Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements. The application should be able to: Add a new patient with their Name, Phone number, email, Initial weight & Height List the patient’s names, phone numbers & email addresses. Update the weight for… Read more »


can anyone help me out please


Hi, you can reach out to me at
I will try to help you

Alishba Faheem

1.     There is an application which inputs hundred numbers from user, if user enters a positive number it increments valid numbers count. But if user enters other than integer it terminates. You are required to write and execute the code for this application such that instead of termination it shows message “input is not valid” and re input a number.

plz provide solution

Selvin Gounder

Demonstrate the use of a combination of selection and loop structure in C++ programming. For this assignment you are required to create a program for Save Energy Electricity & Co to assist them in automating the billing process for all its customers. A customer is billed at 33.10 cents per unit. However, all households with a combine annual income below $30,000, will be eligible for government subsidy for the first 100 units of electricity usage per month at a rate of 0.1590 cents per unit. All units above 100 will be charged the full tariff. For example: Customer A with… Read more »

Wesley Newcomb

The goal of a traffic simulation is to collect data about the traffic flow. In our project we start with
modeling one orthogonal intersection controlled by a traffic light. Each roadway leading to and
from the intersection will have a fixed length (providing space for a fixed number of cars). The
simulation is driven by a timer. Vehicles (e.g. cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles) arrive onto the
four lanes of traffic leading to the intersection every timer unit with a probability 1:n (n selected
by user – suggested value 6). 
Answer source in C++?


Why we use count variable

Harsh Aryan

Bro please write correctly, its a min and max element search on a binary search tree without recursion, not on binary tree.

Bhartendra Narain Sharma

/* C Program to replace all Even elements by 0 and Odd by 1 */ #include <stdio.h> void readArray(int arr[], int size) { int i =0; printf("Enter elements of array :: \n"); for(i=0; i < size; i++) { printf("\nEnter arr[%d] :: ",i); scanf("%d",&arr[i]); } } void printArray(int arr[], int size) { int i =0; printf("\nElements are : "); for(i=0; i < size; i++) { printf("\narr[%d] : %d",i,arr[i]); } printf("\n"); } void replaceEvenOdd(int arr[], int size) { int i=0; for(i=0; i < size; i++) { if( arr[i] % 2 == 0 ) arr[i] = 0 ; else arr[i] = 1 ;… Read more »

Nora Garcia


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Enter first string :: ahmad

Enter Second string :: ahmed

Strings are equal.


are not equal


the forth letter a & e


the loop should be modified like this

for (i = 0, j = 0;str1[i] != ‘\0’, str2[j] != ‘\0’;i++, j++)
if (str1[i] == str2[j])
flag = 1;
else {
flag = 0;


Solve this problem

Screenshot 2022-04-25 201305.png

Hi, you can reach out to me at
I will try to help you


Salam,bu matrisin köməkçi diaqonalini necə tapmaq olar?


Ikiölçülü massivin köməkçi diaqonalini


Bu sualın cavabını tez deyə bilərsiniz?


Help me


i want all topics questions like binary search,recursion..etc


Hi, you can reach out to me at
I will try to help you.


Sir your site is very helpful for all the beginner programmer.
It would be more helpful for us if you include javascript problems with solve in your menu.


Hi, you can reach out to me at
I will try to help you

Gee Adm

error in finding lenth of string wothout strlen

Sheldon Rabin

I am new to C++ programing. I am interested in the USB numbers-output of a component impedance-bridge. Any suggestions?


using namespace std;

int main()
  int i,j,len,flag=1;
  char a[20];
  cout<<“nEnter any string :: “;


    cout<<“nThe Entered String [ “<<a<<” ] is Palindrome.n”;
    cout<<“nThe Entered String [ “<<a<<” ] is NOT Palindrome.n”;

  return 0;

in this i have on doubt
program runs successfully but why we put semicolon in end of the for loop?