Which is better USB tethering or Mobile hotspot?

By | 02.04.2022

Your smartphone, or your tablet with a data connection, in practice becomes a modem and as such can be used via USB or via hotspot with the added possibility of using Bluetooth to connect the two devices. But “Which is better USB tethering or Mobile hotspot?”

You need an internet connection for your PC or laptop. But you don’t want to use public hotspot Wi-Fi or it’s simply not available where you are. The solution is simple: use your smartphone connection to surf the net with tethering.

Which is better USB tethering or Mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is better than USB tethering.

The connection between the two devices (smartphone and PC / tablet) can take place in 2 different ways: via USB tethering and a Mobile hotspot.

Tethering is generally free, better check with your operator to be absolutely sure. But costs may apply, it depends on your offer even if the phone companies are offering this function more and more for free.

Sharing the Internet connection allows you to surf your PC, Laptop and tablet with the network of your smartphone or tablet. If equipped with a data network, usually 4G, which allows you to get better speeds than surfing via hotspot.

USB tethering and a Mobile hotspot are all options for sharing the connection with your laptop or tablet. But which is the best solution? The worst is undoubtedly the Bluetooth one for battery consumption. But even in a Mobile hotspots, the consumption is no less even if it is perhaps the most immediate to use.

However, a Mobile hotspot also has another advantage, that of being able to connect multiple devices at the same time. And USB tethering is the best solution because it allows you to recharge or at least maintain the battery capacity as well as offer a faster connection speed than the other methods.


Now, time to choose, which one is best for you. I think the mobile hotspot is the best. Please leave your comment.

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