Write a C Program To Reverse String using Stack

By | 11.04.2017

Reverse String using Stack

Write a C Program To Reverse String using Stack. Here’s simple Program To Reverse String using Stack in C Programming Language.

What is Stack ?

Stack is an abstract data type with a bounded(predefined) capacity. It is a simple data structure that allows adding and removing elements in a particular order. Every time an element is added, it goes on the top of the stack, the only element that can be removed is the element that was at the top of the stack, just like a pile of objects.

Basic Operations : :

  • push() − Pushing (storing) an element on the stack.
  • pop() − Removing (accessing) an element from the stack.
  • peek() − get the top data element of the stack, without removing it.
  • isFull() − check if stack is full.
  • isEmpty() − check if stack is empty.

Below is the source code for C Program To Reverse String using Stack which is successfully compiled and run on Windows System to produce desired output as shown below :


/*  C Program To Reverse String using Stack */


#define MAX 20

int top = -1;
char stack[MAX];
char pop();
void push(char);

int main()
        char str[20];
        unsigned int i;
        printf("Enter the string : " );
        /*Push characters of the string str on the stack */
        /*Pop characters from the stack and store in string str */
        printf("\nReversed string is : ");

        return 0;

}/*End of main()*/

void push(char item)
        if(top == (MAX-1))
                printf("\nStack Overflow\n");
        stack[++top] =item;
}/*End of push()*/

char pop()
        if(top == -1)
                printf("\nStack Underflow\n");
        return stack[top--];
}/*End of pop()*/


/*  C Program To Reverse String using Stack */

Enter the string : CodezClub

Reversed string is : bulCzedoC

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