Write a Menu Driven Program to implement stack operations in C

By | 03.12.2016

C Program to implement stack operations

Write a C Program to implement stack operations. Here’s a Simple Program to implement stack operations like push, pop, display in C Programming Language.

  • This C Program implements stack. Stack is an area of memory that holds all local variables and parameters used by any function, and remembers the order in which functions are called so that function returns occur correctly.
  • Each time a function is called, its local variables and parameters are “”pushed onto”” the stack. When the function returns, these locals and parameters are “”popped.””
  • Because of this, the size of a program’s stack fluctuates constantly as the program is running, but it has some maximum size. This program has to perform push and pop operation of stack.

Below is the source code for C Program to implement stack operations which is successfully compiled and run on Windows System to produce desired output as shown below :



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