Top 10 Tips to write good Meta Description in SEO 2017

By | 16.01.2017

Top 10 Tips to write good Meta Description in SEO

I think every article on meta descriptions will tell you some of these, but I combined all that made sense to me and came up with this list.

So,There are Top 10 Tips to be taken care of while writing a great Meta Description. Your Meta Description Tags should be such that:


1. Keywords

  • Generally, Keywords don’t play an important role for Search Engines, but it plays an important role for the users.
  • When the user types a keyword to be searched, he wants the best results to be displayed on the SERP, which are relevant to the search query.
  • The keywords should be correctly used on the webpage so that the user can easily locate your website.
  • Write most important keywords in your meta description.

2. Length of Description

  • The description should neither be short nor too long.
  • Without a defined meta description tag, search engines will find text in the content of the page for the description.
  • Additionally, this filler text will get snipped at around 160 characters, which could make it unclear.
  • It should be up to 150 to 160 characters long else search engine don’t display your complete contents on search result, It display like ………..

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3. Readability

  • Use simple and easy language.
  • Writing effective meta descriptions is neither difficult nor particularly time-consuming, and making the effort to create them will pay off exponentially for your site’s search engine presence.
  • The description should be well written, such that it tells the user or the audience about the web page and provides with the summary of the entire page in few lines. The description should be attractive.

4. Unique Meta Description

  • In Meta descriptions tags, it is very important to have unique description and different Meta descriptions tags for every page to help the user to reach out to your website quickly.
  • Another tactic website owners will sometimes use is to Copy+Paste the same description for every page across the entire website.
  • While meta descriptions can’t help your page rank, duplicate content can certainly hurt it.
  • Go through each page and write a completely unique description based on the content on that page, not what the entire website has to offer.
  • If your meta description is a duplicate, the user experience in Google will be less.

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5. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

  • We know that keywords are important to make your website easily traceable by the searchers.
  • One should remember that by stuffing the keywords, you will only deceive the searchers.
  • Spamming the keywords by keyword stuffing will do no good to your Meta description.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing, meta description must be unique, if your meta description is a duplicate, the user experience in Google will be less.

6. Persuasive in nature

  • It should be tempting enough for the users to click your Meta Description.
  • The description should be influential in nature.
  • It should convince the searchers to click the website.
  • Meta description should be such that it invites a response.

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7. Attractive Description

  • The description should be attractive and should attract the eye of the searcher.
  • The description should be interactive, so that when the user reads the description, he feels that he will get his answers to his questions.
  • If the description of the Title is boring, definitely there are quite chances of the searcher to jump on the next website.

8. Don’t use quotation marks

  • In the Meta description, quotations marks are a big NO NO.
  • As soon as you use quotations marks in the description, Google automatically cuts the description.
  • If it’s really important to put something in quotations, it’s better to use single quotes rather than double.

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9. Must contain focus keyword

  • If the search keyword matches text in the meta description, Google will be more inclined to use that meta description and highlight it in the search results. That will make the link more related already.

10. Build curiosity

  • Plain and bland meta descriptions have less or no power to retain the visitor’s interest.
  • A meta description that has some factor of curiosity linked to it is more capable to get your page more clicks.
  • Try to tweak the way to create descriptions for your blogs/pages, incorporate words that generate a sense of curiosity into the minds of the reader and makes him click on it without any effort.

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  • Many of today’s content management systems will automatically generate meta descriptions for each page based on its content.

  • So, Here above are Top 10 ways or Tips to increase CTR(Click Through Rate) through Search Engine like Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc. by showing appropriate and clickable meta description.

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