Keyword Research – Types of keywords and methodologies must used

By | 18.04.2017

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the phrases which people type into the search engines to find the information they are interested in. Search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, are very popular because they succeed at providing the most accurate and relevant results to their users.

The ultimate goal of every search engine is to solve people’s problems. By investigating keywords, you can tell exactly what those problems are, and address them with high quality content.

Types of Keywords

At this point, you’re probably wondering what keywords you should choose. While writing this article I asked myself a question, “What kind of keywords should I focus on to get the best possible results?”. Doing research showed me that there are many more types of keywords and methodologies used to categorize keywords.

There are many types of keywords and methodologies used to categorize keywords:

  • Based on the number of words
    • Short-tail keywords
    • Long-tail keywords
  • Based on the type of searche information
    • Keywords with purchase intent
    • Keywords with commercial intent
    • Keywords with informational intent
    • Keywords with navigational intent
  • Based on the type of organic traffic
    • Branded keywords
    • Non-branded keywords
  • Other types
    • Inferred keywords (geo-targeted)
    • Misspelled keywords
    • Seasonal keywords

Confused? I admit that you could be. Let’s put our analysis together.

1. Phrases by word number

General keywords:

  • 1-word keywords. Unspecific, general terms people use for search queries. In most occasions, they provide the best amount of traffic, but also are highly competitive and not specific enough to connect them with your site.

More specific keywords:

  • 2-3 word keywords. They provide a good balance between the traffic volume and relevance with your website. The cost and competition usage for them is moderate.

Long tail keywords:

  • 4+ word phrases. Very specific phrases with low competition. The number of long-tail keywords is much bigger than the ones above, but the statistics show that they’re responsible for driving about 70% of overall traffic on the internet. They will not give you traffic volume, but they are cheap and will provide you with the most engaged users.

2. Phrases by type of searched information

Information keywords

  • Used when people are looking for particular information or products.

Navigation keywords

  • Used when people are looking for a specific brand or company.

Purchase keywords

  • Used when users are determined to buy a specific product or service.

3. Phrases by organic traffic type

Branded keywords

  • Keywords that are connected with your unique brand.

Non-branded keywords

  • The phrases that does not reference your brand.

4. Other types of keyword variations

Geographical keywords

  • Local or global keyword variations.

Misspelled keywords

  • These occur when problems with misspelling appear.

Seasonal keywords

  • Used on specific occasions.

So, the above is the list of different types of keywords and methodologies must used to categorize keywords in SEO.

By doing these methodologies you will get better results in Search Engine and get huge amount of traffic through organic traffic which improves your Alexa ranking across the world.

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