How to setup windows 7 from pen drive?

By | 07.03.2022

Sometimes it happens that you want to know “how to setup windows 7 from pen drive?” This occurs especially when dealing with laptops without an optical drive. But it can also occur if unfortunately, you can no longer find the original operating system CD / DVD that was installed on your PC.

To solve these and other similar problems, however, Microsoft comes to our aid directly which, through a completely free program, will still allow us to install Windows 7 on the computer without the need to use any CD / DVD but simply using a common pen drive. USB, thanks to which the actual installation of the operating system will then be on average faster than the classic installation via optical media.

How to setup windows 7 from pen drive?

If you followed the procedure described in this article to download the Windows 7 ISO, before restarting your computer, now you will need to go to the files on the USB pen drive, enter the sources folder, and finally delete the file called ei. cfg. By doing this, at the start of the installation of the Windows 7 operating system.

You can in fact choose, Product Key permitting, which edition of Windows 7 to install by choosing between the Starter, the Home Basic, the Home Premium, the Professional or the Ultimate.

Therefore, at this point, you can proceed to restart the computer leaving the USB pen drive inserted in your PC. After restarting your computer, however, you will need to change the order of the various boot devices present in it, so that the first boot device is your USB key.

In this regard, I would like to point out that on more recent computers, in order to change the order of the various boot devices installed on the PC, instead of entering the BIOS and changing the order manually. It is also possible to simply press the F12 key, or however, one of the other function keys, during the respective POST screen so that you can directly select your pen drive.

Boot menu

Here is the first phase of a POST operation on an Award BIOS during which you can access the Boot Menu by simply pressing the F12 key.

Once you have formatted your PC and installed Windows 7, just before the first reboot of the PC takes place. You can finally remove your USB key from your computer. Otherwise, instead of pressing the F12 key, you changed the order of the boot devices by entering the BIOS, restarting the computer with the USB pen drive still inserted in the PC. The installation procedure of the Windows 7 operating system will start again and then you will have to proceed to cancel it.

However, at this point, you should have finally figured out “How to setup windows 7 from pen drive?” Please leave a comment below.

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