How to change alarm sound on iphone?

By | 05.03.2022

You are here to know “How to change alarm sound on iPhone?” In this post, I will tell you. If your awakening must absolutely be accompanied by the sweet notes of your favorite singer or group, you can set any song as an alarm clock. How?

How to change alarm sound on iphone?

It’s all very simple, the first steps are identical to the previous case so:

  • Open the “ clock ” application on the homepage
  • Click on the ” alarm clock ” option.
  • Press the red ” + “ symbol at the top right, a new screen will open containing various options.
  • Now you can set the time at which the alarm will sound, the repetition, that is on which days of the week it will sound, you can give it a name, etc. Once you have entered this data, click on the ” sounds “ option.
  • Scroll the menu until you reach the “songs” section and click on ” choose a song.
  • Click on your favorite song by choosing it from the list.
  • Click ” back “ and then ” save” at the top right to keep your new alarm memorized.

If you want to upload songs

As you have been able to verify with your eyes, set the alarm and change the relative ringtone on your iPhone. It is a very simple procedure, what is really important perhaps, is that your choice does not make you jump out of bed every blessed morning!

How to Add Music to an iPhone Alarm?

  • Start the Clock application;
  • Select “Alarm Clock” from the icons at the bottom;
  • At the top left, tap on “Edit”;
  • Select the alarm for which you want to set the song;
  • At the bottom, tap on “Sound”;
  • Here, under the heading “Songs”, select “Choose a song”.

How to put a song like Alarm on iPhone without iTunes?

Simple: using the GarageBand application. If you have never heard of it, it is a famous free app made available directly by Apple, through which you can create and edit various music and audio files.

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