How much does an iphone weigh?

By | 07.03.2022

One of the most popular smartphones in the current era is the iPhone. There is no end to people’s curiosity about iPhone. People are always interested to know a lot about iPhone so in today’s article, we will discuss “How much does an iphone weigh?” Keep reading to know more.

How much does an iPhone weigh?

The iPhone weighs from 136 grams to 240 grams. For example, the iPhone Twelve weighs 164 grams and the iPhone 13 weighs 174 grams. The latest iPhone model to hit the market is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, It weighs 240 grams. From the beginning of the iPhone to the present day, many models have come out, each weighing differently.

There are a lot of iPhone users in the world and many people are interested in using iPhone. Many people want to know the weight of their iPhone from the interest of buying an iPhone.

Below is a list of the names and weights of all the models from the first model to the last model of the iPhone.

All iPhone names and Weight (in Gram) Table

iPhone 13 Pro Max 240g
iPhone 13 Pro 204g
iPhone 13 Mini 141g
iPhone 13 174g
iPhone 12 Pro Max 228g
iPhone 12 Pro 189g
iPhone 12 164g
iPhone 12 Mini 135g
iPhone SE (2020) 148g
iPhone 11 Pro Max 226g
iPhone 11 Pro 188g
iPhone 11 194g
iPhone XS Max 208g
iPhone XS 177g
iPhone XR 194g
iPhone X 174g
iPhone 8 Plus 148g
iPhone 8 202g
iPhone 7 Plus 188g
iPhone 7 138g
iPhone 6s Plus 192g
iPhone 6s 143g
iPhone 6 Plus 192g
iPhone 6 143g
iPhone 5s 112g
iPhone 5 112g
iPhone 4s 140g
iPhone 4 137g
iPhone 3GS 135g
iPhone 3G 133g
iPhone 136g


Hope you enjoyed the article and your problem has been solved and you have learned something by reading this article. If you like reading this article and if you have any more questions about the iPhone weight, you can let us know by commenting in the comment box below.

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