How can I format my laptop with Windows 7 with pendrive?

By | 07.03.2022

Do you want to know “How can I format my laptop with Windows 7 with pendrive?” Then this article for you. You must read this article to know the method.

How can I format my laptop with Windows 7 with Pendrive?

After having correctly set the parameters in the BIOS / UEFI of your motherboard. If you haven’t already done so, now all you have to do is insert the Pendrive of the 32-bit version of Windows 7 into your PC or 64-bit that you have decided to install on your computer.

First steps

Then all you have to do is wait for the following screen to appear, during which, to start your PC from the Pendrive key previously inserted into the computer. You just have to press any key on your keyboard.

After pressing any key on your keyboard, and having loaded all the necessary files of the chosen operating system, this further screen will appear immediately.

Since the various items are already correctly set to “USA”, in this first phase you will therefore simply have to press “Next”. Once this is done, the following screen will appear immediately…

In which you will only have to press the Install button. At this point, you will have to carefully read the license conditions of the chosen operating system. Then you will have to accept them by placing a trivial check next to the item “I accept the license conditions”.

Second steps

After clicking Next, a screen will now appear in which you will have to choose the type of installation to perform. Since you are doing a clean installation and not a simple update, you will therefore simply have to click on the Custom (expert users) item.

Now you will be asked for the path where you want to install Windows 7. If on your computer there is only one hard disk or only one SSD. Then simply select it and then click Next.

If on your computer there are two or more hard drives or SSDs. Then you will have to select the one you deem most appropriate and only then can you click Next.

From this same screen, it is also possible to manage any partitions on your hard disk or in your SSD by first clicking on Drive options (advanced). Then on New, and then entering the desired size in MB; if the hard disk or SSD is already format. Now you need to simply press on first Delete, then on New and finally on Next.


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