Write a C program to check given string is valid IPv4 address or not

By | 03.12.2016

C program to check string is valid IPv4 address or not

Write a C program to check given string is valid IPv4 address or not.This program will read an IP address in String and check whether it is a valid IPv4 address or not.

According to Wikipedia, IPv4 addresses are canonically represented in dot-decimal notation, which consists of four decimal numbers, each ranging from 0 to 255, separated by dots, e.g.,


Following are steps to check whether a given string is valid IPv4 address or not:

step 1)

Parse string with “.” as delimiter using “strtok()” function.

e.g. ptr = strtok(str, DELIM);

step 2)
……..a) If ptr contains any character which is not digit then return 0
……..b) Convert “ptr” to decimal number say ‘NUM’
……..c) If NUM is not in range of 0-255 return 0
……..d) If NUM is in range of 0-255 and ptr is non-NULL increment “dot_counter” by 1
……..e) if ptr is NULL goto step 3 else goto step 1

step 3)

if dot_counter != 3 return 0 else return 1.

Below is the source code of the C program to check given string is valid IPv4 address or not which is successfully compiled and run on the windows system.The Output of the program is shown below.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define DELIM "."
/* return 1 if string contain only digits, else return 0 */
int valid_digit(char *ip_str)
    while (*ip_str) {
        if (*ip_str >= '0' && *ip_str <= '9')
            return 0;
    return 1;
/* return 1 if IP string is valid, else return 0 */
int is_valid_ip(char *ip_str)
    int i, num, dots = 0;
    char *ptr;
    if (ip_str == NULL)
        return 0;
    ptr = strtok(ip_str, DELIM);
    if (ptr == NULL)
        return 0;
    while (ptr) {
        /* after parsing string, it must contain only digits */
        if (!valid_digit(ptr))
            return 0;
        num = atoi(ptr);
        /* check for valid IP */
        if (num >= 0 && num <= 255) {
            /* parse remaining string */
            ptr = strtok(NULL, DELIM);
            if (ptr != NULL)
        } else
            return 0;
    /* valid IP string must contain 3 dots */
    if (dots != 3)
        return 0;
    return 1;
// Driver program to test above functions
int main()
    char ip1[] = "";
    char ip2[] = "";
    char ip3[] = "128.512.100.1";
    char ip4[] = "125.512.200.cde";
    is_valid_ip(ip1)? printf("Valid\n"): printf("Not valid\n");
    is_valid_ip(ip2)? printf("Valid\n"): printf("Not valid\n");
    is_valid_ip(ip3)? printf("Valid\n"): printf("Not valid\n");
    is_valid_ip(ip4)? printf("Valid\n"): printf("Not valid\n");
    return 0;

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