Top 10 Blogging Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Must Avoid

By | 18.12.2016

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Must Avoid


Blogs are an important part of today’s web, with over 409 million people reading more than 17.6 billion blog pages every month. But people who are just starting out may have received some bad advice on how to become as popular as the big sites. Here’s a closer look at some common blogging mistakes to avoid (and what to do instead).


Are you struggling to get the results you want from your blog?

In the beginning of my blogging career, I also did so many mistakes but thanks to Google and many other amazing blogs that taught me so many interesting and important things to save myself by doing those mistakes which I was doing.

In this post I am slightly going to share all the major points that lead a new blogger to fail instead success so you can save yourself from them.


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Mistake # 1: Write for Your Readers Only:


People always visit any blog to find the solution for their problems. But most of the new bloggers don’t take care of this and provide non relevant information to their blog readers. Or either they write only those content which they like the most but don’t take care of their readers’ need that what actually they are coming to your blog.


Do some research on your niche on Google, use search bar and type some word of your niche and see what result Google provides you the most. That will be the most demanding and hot topics of your related niche and write quality contents on that.


Mistake # 2 : Blog Posts Too Lengthy ?


Don’t write blog posts that are too lengthy. Posts are generally a minimum of 250 words and maximum of 1000 words. Readers spend an average of 1.5 minutes reading a blog post. If your post doesn’t hold their attention, they are likely to move on without finishing.


Mistake # 3 : Use proper English


Use proper English when writing your blog. In general, slang does not read well in posts. Slang, profanity and clichés may drive away readers versus drawing them into your posts.


Mistake # 4: Copying Contents:


This is the biggest mistake every new bloggers do when they start blogging they never write but copy other contents and paste in their blog. Always remember, stealing other contents is the cyber crime and you may be sued anytime without any warning. Also copying contents don’t get

Also copying contents don’t get much rank in Search Engines and hence are penalized by Search Engines. Copying other contents is a complete waste of time.

So, In order to get a good rank in Search Engines, you must write high quality contents for your blog.


Mistake # 5: Not Promoting on Social Media:


Social Media has been the top most recommended platform for every blogger where they can promote their blog for free at any time and at multiple times a day.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc, do not charge for promoting website using their normal services like sharing contents. But most of the new bloggers fail to promote their blog and do not use these free services at all.


 Social media platform is being used by now every second person in the world and is the best way to promote our blog for free.


Mistake # 6: Focusing Just on SEO:


Most of the bloggers always focus on SEO instead of focusing their readers or quality contents just to get higher rank in Google or other Search Engines. Instead of focusing to only SEO, we should first consider on quality of contents and then SEO.

Although SEO is the essential and should be kept in mind but first preference should be given to reader’s need what they are seeking for.


Mistake # 7: Make Categories : 


Categories on your blog site are important. Choose your categories wisely. Too many categories may overwhelm your readers. Use sub-categories under the parent category to keep your posts organized.


Mistake # 8: Use Tagging Method : 


Tagging is the best method to help readers find posts that will interest themEvery post you create should be tagged with any word that is significant to your post. Sometimes, Tagging  is useful in search engine to rank your website to the top….


Mistake # 9: Early Getting Bored or Discouraged:


Most of the bloggers get bored and discouraged when they start blogging as they expect the result soon. Blogging is a long term business and require much concentration and hard work. As stated above consistency is mostly required. Most of bloggers leave blogging at the initial stage and lose their focus resulting nothing.

Mistake # 10: You don’t know who you’re writing for:


The idea that you’re writing for hundreds (or thousands) of readers may sound great, but it can kill your writing voice … fast.

When you don’t know who your audience is, your blog posts become generic. They end up speaking to no one and just taking up space.

Having lots of people read your posts is great (of course!). But when you write your next blog post, just think of one person. Your post will instantly become more personal, more conversational, and more engaging.


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Have more tips for bloggers we should add to this list?  Contact Us……….

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