Top 10 Best ways to Speed up your Windows 2017

By | 15.10.2016

Top 10 Best ways to Speed up your Windows

s your PC running slow? Want to speed up your PC. We’ve stated the methods to make your Computer faster .Today we are going to share Top 10 useful tips which will  help you boost  up your slow computer. This is not going to be a tough method but the tips are genuine and 100% working.

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10 Quick Ways To Boost Up Your Slow Windows

1. Closing System Tray Programs



Most of the applications running on your computer appear in the system tray or you can say notification area. If you spot any of the application running in your system tray that is unnecessary then you could simply close it! This will surely make your PC run faster.

2. Uninstall unwanted Programs

Uninstall unwanted Programs

Uninstall unwanted Programs

Sometimes programs get installed on our computer without our command and these programs can affect the PC speed to a high extent so better is to uninstall this unnecessary program.

By uninstalling these programs, the disk space gets free and this will speed up your computer. For uninstalling, just go to > control panel > select Program and Features. Now uninstall the programs which you don’t want on your computer.

3.  Disabling Startup Programs



Many PC users claim that their PC starts very slow, the main reason of that is there are so many startup programs which are structured to start when a window is started. These are called as startup programs.

To increase the Computer Speed, just disable the startup programs. For this, you need to dial “msconfig” without quotation marks on RUN command and disable the program of your choice. This will incapacitate all the startup programs and your PC will get boosted.

4. Run Disk CleanUp



Disk Clean Up cleans all the unwanted cache of a drive. After cleaning, PC gets faster. To cleanup, the disk cache just right clicks on the C drive and on General tab select Disk Cleanup option and clean all the cache.

5.  Stop Processes from Task manager



Task manager is a very useful feature of windows. You can track each and every process. If any process gets to dump on your computer or hangs your computer just open the task manager by pressing ALT+CTRL+DELETE. In this, you can stop any unwanted process by right-clicking on a process and end Process it.

6. Uninstall Bloatware




Bloatware is Pre-installed apps that come with your device. You can uninstall apps that you no longer want! You will find lots of bloatware in your program list. You can try some premium uninstaller to remove stubborn apps.

7. Turn Off Unused Window Features

Turn Off Unused Window Features

Turn Off Unused Window Features

When you install Windows 7, Windows 8 and Window 10 with default settings then you install multiple unused features and services in your system, which normal user never uses these programs and services in Windows operating system. But you can turn off these unused features. Follow below steps:

  • Open Control Panel and Click on Uninstall a Program. On the left side, you will see Turned off Windows Features option and you need to click on that.
  • Choose one by one program and services you want off on your windows machine.

8. Defragment your Hard Drive


defragment your hard-drive

Defragment tools install in your Windows OS by default, so use this tool and improve your computer speed. By this, you can defragment your hard drive one by one from this tool. Defragment process is very manageable and you need to follow some simple tips, Right click on each drive and select properties and in tool tab clicks on Defragment now button there.

9. RESET Your PC



Windows 8, 8.1, 10 comes up with an option to reset your PC. Sometimes due to some registry errors, your PC could perform ineffectively! Therefore, you could try resetting your System. This will work but it takes too long to complete the whole reset procedure.

10. Making Best Configuration Of Your Computer

Making Best Configuration Of Your Computer

Making Best Configuration Of Your Computer

Hardware plays an important role in software workings. Having the best configuration is always the better option. Therefore, you can Add more RAM chips on your computer to make it fast.

By this, you can easily boost up your computer to the high extent and you can easily perform multiple tasks on your computer at once. Must try all the methods for best results.

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