12 Do’s and Don’ts in writing Meta Description in SEO 2017

By | January 17, 2017

12 Do’s and Don’ts in writing Meta Description in SEO


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  • Be Specific to Length: The description should neither be short nor too long.It should be up to 150 to 160 characters long else search engine don’t display your complete contents on search result, It display like ………..
  • Do write meta description: Just because Google doesn’t use Meta tags, as a ranking parameter, the act of not writing a Meta tag would be a mere loss of prospective traffic that you could have gotten, if you had written Meta tags! So always remember- Meta Description is a must!
  • Do put keywords: Putting keywords in your Meta Description would help the Search Engines to find your page easily, whenever a query related to it is typed in by the user.
  • Be Persuasive in Nature: The description should be influential in nature.It should convince the searchers to click the website.It should be such that it invites a response.
  • Do use a language that calls out for an action: Use a language that calls out to the users, and compels them to click on the site and go for the purchase/related action. Always remember, if the content is beautiful, it will automatically sell itself.
  • Do provide a solution or a benefit: Frame your Meta Description in a way, that when the user sees it, they get a reason (they should get a benefit out of it in terms of the satisfaction of their needs/queries) to click on it.
  • Do link your website with Google+ page for rich snippets: It makes it look attractive and of course, Different. Now, that’s the whole point of SEO that it should make you different from the thousands of websites out there. These little tiny tricks can work wonders for you.

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Don’ts :

While I’ve laid out plenty of things you should do when developing and implementing meta descriptions, there are also some no-nos regarding meta descriptions you need to remember.

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  • Don’t overdo the keywords: Excess of anything is bad! Suppose you have dog grooming business, and in your meta tags,  you put, we have amazing dogs grooming products, check out the amazing dog grooming products and a couple of other same stuff, Do u think as a user, you would give it another look?
  • Don’t exceed the word/pixel limit: You don’t want to look incomplete! Always remember incomplete information does you more harm. Suppose you have an amazing meta tag, but on  the SERPs, it is only displaying what product/service you are offering and not showing what benefits your product/service can do to the user, it might lead the user to go on to some other site.
  • Don’t deceive the users: They are smarter than you think! You play with them once, and they are never coming to your website again. So, write authentic content which is actually related to your site. Inspire curiosity, but always take the right path.
  • Don’t duplicate your meta content: Keep different Meta contents, for different pages. Reading the same thing again and again is the last thing that the user wants.
  • Don’t use quotations: If you are not a programmer, this thing is not for you. The saying- Something is better than nothing doesn’t work here. So avoid quotations, if you are not tech savvy. The reason to not use quotations marks in the description is that Google will automatically truncate it. If it’s really important to put something in quotations, it’s better to use single quotes rather than double.

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In the end, to conclude that Meta description helps in winning your clients. It is a strong factor of On-page optimisation as it improves overall rankings of SEO. We should not neglect Meta description tag as it is the only medium which can link the search query with the user. It is an only connection between the search result and the visitor.

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