Why Title Tags are Important for SEO

By | January 11, 2017

Why Title Tags are Important for SEO

  • A title tag is the main text that describes an online document.For many years, title tags have been considered one of the most important factors of on-page SEO.

  • Technically, Title element of the webpage is meant to define and provide the precise description of the page.

  • In fact, in the past, title tags were seen by many as only second to good ol’ fashioned keyword stuffing in terms of importance. But are they as important in 2017?

  • According to 2016 research, Google’s shift toward semantic search could affect the relative importance of the title tag. The researchers found that a keyword-optimized title tag was associated with a better ranking, but that the correlation was smaller than it once was.

  • Findings suggest that Google no longer requires your title tag to include an exact keyword in order to interpret a page’s subject matter.

  • For example, if you type “how to do Black Hat SEO ?” into Google, only six out of the ten top pages include an exact match keyword in their title tag.

  • That said, search engines will still compare your title tag to other content on your page, to ensure keyword consistency when indexing and ranking web pages, still making them an essential part of SEO.

  • Title tag comes into picture in most prominent places like SERPs, browsers, bookmarks, social sharing and in other websites too.

  • In other words, title tags are still an important part of on-site SEO, but they are far from the be-all and end-all.

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1. Web Browsers 

Title tags often show up in both the top of a browser’s chrome and in tabs.


Web browsers display the page name in their tab by retrieving the contents of the title tag of the web site being viewed


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2. SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages)

When a person searches for your services using a keyword, which is your targeted keyword for your brand; if your website appears in the search results as snippets, first highlighted line is the title. So to grab the users attention, title should be attractive and well optimized.This gives the user greater visibility, and generally means you’ll get a higher click-through rate.

title tag example

3. Social Sharing or External Linking:

Many external websites—especially social media sites—will use the title tag of a web page as its link anchor text.


There is an overlap between usability and Search Engine Optimization as to what techniques can be applied in order to optimize the title of a web page.

According to SEO, title tag is one of the important elements that can’t be ignored. Above are the few points which makes the importance of Title Tag in SEO

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