iPhone 7 Offer : Just Rs.19,990 with Airtel postpaid

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Since with the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in India, several online as well as offline retailers have been offering multiple offers for it.With this, Airtel is also advertising a rather unreal offer on their website. Airtel’s  Apple page has a headline,

“Now Enjoy an iPhone 7 at just Rs 19,990 with Airtel Postpaid.”

Airtel launches contract based iPhone 7 plans for postpaid subscribers where every Airtel subscriber can pay a minimum down payment starting at Rs 19,990 to get iPhone 7 model, later subscribers can apply Airtel iPhone 7 monthly plan to get free voice & 3g/4g data benefits.

At present, the offer is only valid in Noida and Karnataka and hopefully Airtel will release it in other cities gradually.



Airtel iPhone 7 contact comes with 1 year validity where subscriber need to return device to Airtel after end of contract and upgrade model to latest one. To retain device, subscribers need to pay ‘Airtel Balloon Payment’ – an amount pre-determined by Airtel.

* Airtel iPhone 7 Offer – Monthly Plans


Airtel announces 3 iPhone 7 monthly plans starting Rs 1999 to get unlimited local calls and 3g/4g data up to 18GB/month.

Airtel offers three monthly plans including 1999, 2499 and 2999. iPhone 7 plans comes with monthly benefits such as unlimited local calls and 5GB, 10GB & 18GB 3g/4g data per month respectively.

The three offers provided by Airtel are as follows:

  • Rs 1,999 plan – 5GB data + Unlimited calling (local/STD/roaming- mobile + fixed line)
  • Rs 2,499 plan – 10GB data + Unlimited calling (local/STD/roaming- mobile + fixed line)
  • Rs 2,999 plan – 15GB data + Unlimited calling (local/STD/roaming- mobile + fixed line)




Airtel subscribers can have iPhone 7 model just by paying a minimum amount starting Rs 19,999 and take iPhone 7 model to home– and the rest shall be paid for by your Bajaj Finance Ltd (BFL) EMI plans at 0 percent interest rate. This is valid for customers who will return the iPhone in the 13th month to upgrade. For those users who plan to continue with the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, a Balloon payment will be auto-debited from their BFL plans. After you pay the Balloon payment amount, you become the owner of the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.

In the one year that you are using the phone, you will not be able to switch your plans or port your number to another network or transfer ownership to another user.

You can either return the phone after 12 months to upgrade to a new phone or you may continue with your iPhone 7 and terminate the contract after paying the Balloon Payment amount.

* Benefits or Reasons to buy this device from Airtel:

You should buy this device from them for the following reasons:

  •  Upgrade to the latest iPhone every year without having to pay the full price
  •  Enjoy Unlimited calling and loads of data
  •  Affordability solution at 0% interest
  •  Single monthly bill
  •  Assured buy-back value at the end of 12 months


* Airtel iPhone 7/7 plus monthly plans, Down Payment & Balloon Payment

The following are the models that they have on offer.

Model Billing Price Down Payment Monthly Plan Options Balloon Payment
iPhone 7
(32 GB)
R59998 R19,990 R1999/2499/2999 R24000
iPhone 7
(128 GB)
R69998 R29,490 R1999/2499/2999 R24500
iPhone 7
(256 GB)
R79998 R35,990 R1999/2499/2999 R28000
iPhone 7 Plus
(32 GB)
R72000 R30,792 R1999/2499/2999 R25200
iPhone 7 Plus
(128 GB)
R82000 R37,292 R1999/2499/2999 R28700
iPhone 7 Plus
(256 GB)
R92000 R43,792 R1999/2499/2999 R32200


* How to get Airtel iPhone 7 Offer

To get iPhone 7 offer from Airtel, New users need to apply for Airtel postpaid service. Customer needs to pay a minimum down payment for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus model as per customer selection and amount specified by Airtel.

As part of subscribing to the Plan, you shall be signing up for BFL (Bajaj Finance Ltd.) to finance the device value over and above the Minimum Initial Payment at 0% rate of interest.

Once loan sanctioned, Subscribers need to pay EMI in monthly basis. Subscribers need to return device anytime on 13th month to Airtel outlet from where he/she bought the device.

To keep using same device after end of contract, Customers to to pay ‘Balloon Payment’ as per device selection as well as remaining EMI (For any unpaid payment). BLF will close customer loan account by giving NOC and Airtel will terminate iPhone 7 monthly plan the customers is subscribed to.

Airtel states that only phones which are in working conditions, without any physical damage will be accepted by stores. Airtel has detailed the device return guidelines in detail on its website.


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