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What is Interview | Different Types of Interviews | 2016

Meaning of interview   The word interview comes from Latin and middle French words meaning to “see between” or “see each other”. Generally, interview means a private meeting between people when questions are asked and answered. The person who answers the questions of an interview is called in interviewer. The person who asks the questions… Read More »

Cool Keyboard Shortcuts U must know | Windows 2016

Cool Keyboard Shortcuts U must know | Windows 2016 Keyboard shortcuts are best because they don’t just helps us to do work quickly but also they make us feel like that we are making some best  tricks with computer. Keyboard shortcuts can boost your productivity if your daily job relies heavily on using Windows. They… Read More »

Best Ever Android Apps of 2016

Best Ever Android Apps of 2016 The Google Play store has exploded in recent years, with a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need. The problem is: there are just too many of them, even with Editor’s Picks, Featured and Best Selling, Top Paid and Top Free categories there to help. So,we… Read More »

Android Secret Codes | Hidden Menus | Secret Codes 2016

Every Android user is an explorer. They love to explore every nook and cranny of their beloved devices. This is why we share a fascination with the Android secret codes and hidden secret menus. Android is the most popular smartphone OS ever. Developers create various kind of backdoor within the applications and operating systems. Through… Read More »

Best & Cool Computer Tips | Tricks & Keyboard Shortcuts

 Below is a list of some of the most commonly used basic shortcut keys and tips  that work with almost all IBM compatible computers and software programs. It is highly recommended that all users keep a good reference of these shortcut keys or try to memorize them. Doing so will dramatically increase your productivity.  … Read More »

Hidden and Cool Features of Android Phones

  Android phones are utilized by a huge number of individuals around the world, however what number of us know the little traps and shrouded highlights they are prepared to do? Android is stacked with so many tools and configuration options, we often overlook some of its most useful features. Sometimes they’re hiding in plain… Read More »

Top interview questions and answers for Freshers

A job interview proves extremely critical to a fresher. The fact that he has no prior experience working in the industry makes his interview very important. The interviewers select a set of questions to gauge the candidate for the industry. The questions are devised to evaluate the knowledge and confidence of the candidate. Some of… Read More »