80 Ways To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog | 2017

By | 18.10.2016

 Awesome tips to drive blog traffic


I always love to help people, especially fellow bloggers and I have discovered the problem most bloggers face is getting traffic to their blogs.


There are different ways of getting traffic to your blog, there are both ethical and unethical ways. When we talk about unethical ways, they are some kind of foolish/stupid traffic techniques that can never benefit you, some examples are autosurf and traffic exchange while quality traffic is the type of traffic that converts, it is not about faking, but it provides real people who are really interested in what you have to offer.

I will be talking about the ethical traffic generation tips which brings about quality traffic only and I will also want you to note that the methods in this post are applicable to any niche.


Below are 80 great ways to get FREE traffic to your blog.




BONUS TIPS to Drive more Traffic to Blog

 Be on every social networking sites and post a link to your latest article everyday (this alone will get you hundreds of views to your articles daily and more backlinks to increase your search engine rankings).

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